Although they don’t speak the same language, Miksi’s five musicians found music an ideal mean of communication, and got to know each other during their first residency at Le Rocher de Palmer in 2020. Brought together by the European project Migrants Music Manifesto, they drew up an initial repertoire inspired by traditional Albanian, Kurdish and Syrian tunes, and now form a solid, luminous, virtuoso group, transporting us into a world where borders are collapsing, where dialogue between peoples is finally possible. Through concerts and mediation actions, Miksi will make you dance!


Ebrahim AHMADI

He landed in Bordeaux, his suitcases full of percussion instruments : daf, koozeh, dayereh, cajon, and even setar and davul ! His fingers dance across the taut skin of his daf, his faithful instrument. Kurd from Iran, he studied psychology and believes in the power of music therapy, which he taught for ten years before arriving in France.


After studying at the Bordeaux Conservatory, Thomas joined the JOSEM, with whom he toured the world. Since then, he has had a wide range of experiences: contemporary music (Les Lacets des Fées), French chanson (Le Projet Derli), Brazilian music (Que Isso), as well as classical music (Orchestre Symphonique de Gironde). In 2019, he took part in the Trois Cafés Gourmands tour, which included 80 dates at Zeniths and major festivals. Since 2020, he has been playing in the Miksi band as a violinist and beat maker.


He is an accomplished professional with international expertise in the music industry, as a composer, producer, award-winning cellist and Gheychak bass player. His first notes were at a very early age, surrounded by musician family members, that's why his career started officially even before obtaining his bachelor's degree from the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus – Syria in 2005, to start a passionate journey of firsthand experimenting with all genres of music, in spite his specialization in Middle-Easter and World-Music.


For over fifty years, Artur has been dedicated to preserving the incredible heritage of the Kaba. He is one of the last remaining representatives of this millenary Albanian music, which he brings to life with his legendary violin, which is 130 years old. He has accompanied it on concerts throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, and it has allowed him to receive several awards and medals for his music.


A versatile musician, composer, arranger, and catalyst for eclectic artistic projects, Nicolas was the conductor of the JOSEM. A clarinetist in various formations (the Mohein Company, Sans Additif, Minimum Fanfare, 3 cafés Gourmands, Derli, etc.), he defines his profession around three axes: research (composition), transmission (teaching), and sharing (concerts).




29.03.24 - Cenon (33)

04.04.24 - Ateliers Médicis, Clichy-sous-Bois (93) infos & billetterie

13.04.24 - Le Café Music’, Mont de Marsan (40) infos & billetterie

20.04.24 - L'Ampli, Pau (64) infos & billetterie

31.05.24 - Festival Mascarade, Saint-Géry (24) infos & billetterie

13.06.24 - Floirac (33)

28.09.24 - Blaye (33)


09.12.23 - Cinéma Casino, Lavelanet (09)

08.12.23 - La Digne d'Aval (11)

18.10.23 - Rocher de Palmer, Cenon (33)

11.10.23 - La Grande Poste, Bordeaux (33)

03.10.23 - Cour Mably, Bordeaux (33)

23.09.23 - Café Lib, Bourou (24)

22.09.23 - La Caravelle, Marcheprime (33)

16.09.23 - Scènes d’été, Mios (33)

27.08.23 - Festival Noutic'Zik, Escaudes (33)

13 & 21.07.23 - Un été à Palmer, Cenon (33) - Médiation et concert

11.06.23 - Festival Vibre, Nodris (33)

28.05.23 - Festival Vibre, Bordeaux (33)

04.05.23 - La Guinguette Chez Alriq, Bordeaux (33)

31.01.23 - Solutions Solidaires, Cenon (33) – Avec Pygmalion

19.01.23 - EMDI, Chamonix (74) - Médiation et concert

20.10.22 - European Migration Forum, Bruxelles (BE)

16.07.22 - Chantiers Tramasset, Langoiran (33)

03.07.22 - Festival Convivencia, Grisolles (82)

01.07.22 - Festival des Hauts de Garonne, Cenon (33)

04.06.22 - Festival Musiques Métisses, Angoulême (16)

03.04.22 - Rocher de Palmer, Cenon (33)

21.01.22 - Larural, Créon (33) - Médiation et concert

16.11.21 - Le Dôme De Talence, Talence (33)

04 et 05.11.21 - Rocher de Palmer, Cenon (33)

22.10.21 - Maison des Arts, Sainte-Eulalie (33) - Médiation et concert

20.06.21 - Rocher de Palmer, Cenon (33)



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